Our speakers will share their best advice about remote work, travel and digital nomad life with you! Join us for a day of inspiring talks at the Nomad City Las Palmas with 10 short 20 min talks!


Stella Airoldi – How to make a difference as a digital nomad

Stella runs a jewellery business and children’s project in Uganda while traveling the world.

She will share her story on how she got started including loads of advice on how you can start doing good as a digital nomad as well!


Maartje Smit – The best adventures for digital nomads

Maartje has been traveling the world for the last 5 years and runs the popular travel blog Wanderlicious. She is the perfect example for someone who lives in the moment. With no commitments, no plans and open for whatever comes along her way she travelled, lived, worked and volunteered in more than 75 countries. From getting lost in the Middle East, to driving a car to Mongolia, to cuddling penguins in Antarctica… She will share her best adventures with you and gives advice on where you should go next!


Niall Doherty – 7 Digital Nomad Myths, Busted!

Niall Doherty quit his last “real job” in 2010 and has been a digital nomad ever since. He spent 44 months traveling through 37 countries without flying, and is now spending the winter in Tenerife. In his talk, Niall will share key lessons learned while building and running a freelance business from the road, and teaching 200 aspiring digital nomads how to do the same.


Nacho Rodríguez – Why are the Canary Islands the Remote Work Heaven

Nacho is the founder of CoworkingC, the most international community driven coworking space in the Canary Islands. Born and bred in Gran Canaria, he will share some of the best advice on living and working remotely from the southernmost part of Europe, as there are many reasons that could make you forget about your nomadic lifestyle .


Johannes Voelkner – How to travel the world as a digital nomad

The founder of Nomad Cruise has been traveling the world for the past 5 years while working remotely. If he would start all over again he would do many things differently. In his talk he will share the most important lessons he learned including the best destinations he found along the way.

Manuel Cabezudo – Alternativ Travel in the Canary Islands

During the last few years, Manuel has been exploring the possibilities of Canary Islands as an alternative travel destination. He is the co-founder of  ATLAS.

In his talk he will share about his journey across the 8 islands (including la Graciosa) through an existing walking route called GR 131. Get ready for stunning pictures and see the Canary Islands like you’ve never seen them before.

Derek Murphy – How to launch successful online courses

Derek Murphy has a PhD in Literature and has made a living helping authors design and publish books. He recently launched his first online course and made over 18K in 48hours. In his talk you’ll learn how to outline a course that will sell, six strategies for reaching your audience and building a huge email list, and how to boost engagement and student satisfaction so you’ll earn rave reviews and referrals.

Jacob Hiller – Boot Strapping and Slow Traveling with a family

Jacob built his 6 million dollar ebook empire while perpetually slow traveling the globe for over 9 years and covering 65 countries so far. His ebook marketing strategy was done without spending a dime on paid advertising and utilizing boot strapping, content marketing, and non traditional ebook marketing strategies.

Michal Mikolajczyk – Nomad tool kit

Michał is a nomad and Full Stack Software Engineer at Toptal. He likes to race motocross, surf, and push the limits. Human connections are of highest value to him. He travels most of the time, otherwise he can be found in Warsaw, Poland, where he serves as Toptal Community Leader.

Gawin and Brenda – F*ck work-life balance

How to travel like a minimalist and finding happiness on the road. Gawin, CTO at Teamily, previously: Google Ara, Phonebloks and Archive.org and Brenda, coach at 123Coach, previously Rabobank, ditched their 9-to-5 jobs to spend more time with their daughter while traveling the world. Together they founded Nomad Family: a community of like-minded families exploring and sharing experiences.