Nomad City was founded in 2016 in collaboration with Nomad Cruise. Our first goal was to bring the growing community of remote workers together in Gran Canaria to enjoy local activities and give talks about the movement that is reshaping the way we work.

Our first edition hosted more than 200 nomads, who joined our activities, talks and meetings for an unforgettable experience.
This year we are changing the focus slightly to tackle topics and issues related to remote companies and workers.

Information about Nomad City 2017, Coming Soon!

Nomad City 2016’s numbers:

10 Outstanding Speakers

11 Amazing Pitches

3 Fun Outdoor Activities

1 Unforgettable Farewell Party


Nacho Rodriguez

Founder and promoter, Nacho is an entrepreneur and owns a coworking and coliving space in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Johannes Voelkner

Founder and promoter, Johannes is an online marketer and organizes Nomad Cruise

Carlos Jonay Suárez

Web developer, Carlos manages the Nomad City website

Antonio Guadalupi

Marketer and consultant, Antonio is in charge of marketing for Nomad City

Ruben Mahugo

 Social media wizard, Ruben drives our Nomad City social media strategy

Sara Vergari

Young entrepreneur, Sara manages our promotions and ticketing

Maja Vrcon

Social media manager, Maja animates our community on social media

Jose Mendoza

 Graphic designer, Jose takes care of all our Nomad City logos and graphics

Joel Leon

 Graphic designer and online entrepreneur, Joel is responsible for our merchandising


Julie Clark: CEO at Capa Consulting Group

Carlos Hernandez: CEO at Quaderno

Martin Studencan: Owner of Wolfhouse Tenerife

Iria Abad: Manager at Wolfhouse Tenerife

Maria Sirotkina: Owner of Restation