Nomad City 2019

Gathering together experienced speakers and hundreds of attendees from all over the world, Nomad City unites remote minded individuals and companies in a melting pot of ideas and knowledge about the future of work. See what we got up to last year…

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Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 6th – 8th, November 2020

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Nomad City

What does it mean “being a nomad”?

Who is a Nomad?

A nomad is a person who belongs to a community that does not have a fixed habitation. People in this community move from place to place around the same area in search of pasture for livestock, herbs, game or trade. The nomadic life does not always involve travelling to totally different regions but may involve travelling around a large area.


Meaning of a nomad’s life.

Being a nomad means enjoying freedom and independence. The nomadic life gives new experience continuously and involves learning on a full-time basis. Nomads exploit opportunities carrying out experiments that opens up their minds. The nomadic life style can be that of fun and games but it involves giving up certainties and not getting too attached to a specific place and the things around.


Emerging trends and status of nomadic lifestyle.

Nomads are affected majorly by technology which has two main impacts. One, the rate of technological advancement is high which is leading to a decrease in the number of old nomadic people since it gives concrete reasons to settle down. Two, the internet enables human beings to work remotely thus becoming digital nomads which is a way of life that enables one to work online while delighting in the ease to often change locations.


The insight to living a nomad’s life.

Being a nomad does not only involve moving around and living a freedom lifestyle but is also a mindset. Nomadic life involves knowing priorities and what needs to be done. A nomadic lifestyle may be a heaven to some but it may seem unrewarding to others. Some of the characteristics of being a nomad are as follows.

Setting priorities in the nomadic lifestyle involves giving traveling precedence over everything else. A nomad usually detaches from things like assets, careers or relationships. It may be difficult to find a companion that follows you around.

Avoiding attachments for a nomad is key as these attachments might keep you from moving. If you hold on to some ideas, the nomadic lifestyle you desire will be impossible.

Being a nomad builds you through the knowledge and experiences one gains. Nomadic lifestyle exposes you to different countries and cultures around you, allowing you to see the best in people. The constant change process becomes your teacher.

To nomads, the lifestyle life awakens you. Life is never that serious as you break free from the everyday routine. You get to understand that everything is temporary and nothing is yours. Every day looks different and the lifestyle is a spark. A nomad gets freed from the boundaries of regularity.

Nomads are quick thinkers and adjust fast. Everything is new in your new location and a nomad has to learn from the people what they do and also their foreign languages. A nomad sees first hand the history that has shaped cultures in different countries.

Being a nomad will make you above all curious, smiley and restful.
This is because they rebuild their social circles everywhere they move.


If you want to build your digital nomad circle you should definitely come to Nomad City 2018. This event, that takes place in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in October, is a digital nomads and remote workers gathering from all countries.

If you are thinking of starting your nomadic lifestyle Nomad City is an event you shall not miss.