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Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 6th – 8th, November 2020

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Aligning Objectives with Culture by Contextualizing and Centralizing Data and Communication

For data to be usable, it needs to be consistent, accessible, transparent, and comprehensive. And for communication to be effective, it also needs to be consistent, accessible, transparent, and comprehensive. For Welovroi, a distributed company based in Spain, this symmetry reflects the alignment between their company’s objectives and culture.  


Data in One Place

Welovroi is a strategic social media platform that allows clients to compile, visualize, and analyze their data from all of their social networks, Google Analytics, AdWords, SEO, and other marketing tools in one single location. That data is accessible, transparent, and centralized in their dashboard—meaning that any client, anywhere, knows where to go to access their data, whenever they need it. By seeing their data in context, clients are able to get a better understanding of their marketing results, which leads to greater consistency in achieving marketing goals.


Communication Home Base

For Welovroi to be able to deliver solutions to customers, the team itself needs to achieve consistent results. Since starting in 2011, Welovroi has emphasized the internal use of digital tools to streamline processes and communication. This emphasis has led to the most significant indicator of the success of their distributed team: the consistent use of communication channels, like Slack and Google Drive, and communication practices. Having a communication home base, and being consistent in utilizing digital communication tools allows for information to be accessible, centralized, and contextualized—which means that misunderstandings and delays can be minimized.


Centralized Data and Communication in a Distributed Team

In a distributed company in which individuals’ work environments are fluid, it’s critical to maintain consistency in communication and data. By incorporating the same values and practices in internal processes as it does in developing solutions for clients, Welovroi is able to foster a positive remote work culture that supports its objectives.


Want to learn more about best practices in improving remote company culture and processes? Join us at Nomad City 2018, where you can meet members of the Weloveroi team in person and learn from other distributed companies.

By Tammy Bjelland