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What is a Distributed Company?

The global trends are constantly changing how we do business. For each individual company or business to succeed, it has to implement various strategies which cater to its growth and overall success. Among the key areas of emphasis for most organizations happens to be the quality of its workforce. The recruitment of employees is primarily handled by the HR (Human Resource) department.

A traditional business model emphasizes hiring employees who report to a physical location (the workplace). Here, there are the necessary facilities that enable them to carry out their respective tasks as per their job description. The new emerging trend, however, involves recruiting a workforce that is remote and distributed across the globe.

It is a management structure known as a distributed team. Why a distributed team you ask? Because the employees can be from any part of the world and work from any location as long as they meet the recruitment criteria. Similar to most companies, there’s a recruitment process whether an online or physical one, where a capable workforce for the job descriptions, is hired. Integrating such a workforce into an organization is what makes it a distributed company.

What does It Involve?

If you have a skill that can be absorbed into a company, then you quite easily qualify to be a remote worker. More and more companies are outsourcing work while some are entirely changing their management structure. One of the largest benefactors of the distribution team style of management has to be small firms and startups.

Imagine starting your own brand on a limited budget or with very little to no financing. You happen to be the C.E.O., the accountant, the marketer and so forth! It can be overwhelming to say the very least and time-consuming. Because of this, most aspiring business people own brands or startups that fail to take off.

Now imagine if you implemented a distributed team style of management where you find talents from across the globe to work for you. In the real sense, it is costly to walk into an office and hire an I.T. firm to design a website for your brand. On the other hand, it is cheaper to find a certified professional online to complete the same task with a similar level of quality.

How Does a Distribution Company Work?

You can accomplish more, at a faster rate if you outsourced to remote workers. Each one would focus on a different task. Mary an I.T. specialist, for instance, would design your brand’s website, and Peter with expertise in marketing would come up with a short-term marketing strategy.

These two individuals perhaps live miles apart from each other, but both work for you. If your brand grows and you need to implement a long-term marketing strategy, you can stop consulting Peter. At this point in time, you can opt to work with another remote worker whose credentials or experience surpass Peter’s.

For existing companies, it is a way of cutting costs. A brand description for a new product is a short-term job that doesn’t need the company to hire a full-time employee. A remote worker can be assigned to accomplish this task. All in all, a distributed company is a good fit because you deal with professionals who are dedicated to their work. They meet deadlines, and on most occasions, you pay only after the work is done and you are satisfied with the quality.

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