Nomad City 2019

Gathering together experienced speakers and hundreds of attendees from all over the world, Nomad City unites remote minded individuals and companies in a melting pot of ideas and knowledge about the future of work. See what we got up to last year…

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Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 6th – 8th, November 2020

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Nomad City

How to Get a Remote Job

Three Ways to #goremote

Feeling inspired after Nomad City 2018? Ready to go remote in your life and career, but not sure how to start? Here are four ways that you can build the virtual career of your dreams:


1) Convert Your Existing Role

If you’re already employed, why go through the stress of a job search if you don’t have to? And guess what, your company doesn’t want to hire a new employee either because it’s expensive and slows down productivity. So, approach your manager with a well-prepared proposal about converting your role to be remote-friendly. But, remember from our Sales and Marketing workshops that a successful pitch is based on trust, transparency, and “feeding the beast.” So make sure that your proposal includes credible information about how the new model will benefit the company, fuel the success of your department, help you perform better as an employee, and be a quick and easy change.


2) Start Your Own Company

Right now, the rise of the gig economy is in your favor. Brands all over the world are outsourcing project to supplement operations and capitalize on talent short-term. Offering your services to these companies as an entrepreneur or a freelancer is a great way to have the freedom to design your own job description — not to mention your own schedule and your own work environment! Get started by approaching companies to offer assistance or by looking for posts on freelancing boards, such as:


3) Look for Remote Jobs

Craving stability and longevity in your career? Then employment is probably a good match for you. Finding a full-time remote-friendly role used to be like finding a needle in a haystack, but luckily there are now many resources available to help connect you with the opportunity of your dreams; resources like these 100% remote job boards:


Regardless of if you choose to convert, create, or acquire a new remote job, be assured that the location independent job of your dreams is out there, and there is no time like now to get it!


Missed Nomad City 2018?

Watch the recap videos of awesome presentations from brands like Google, Trello, Github, and Buffer. Then, join us next year for even more remote work education and inspiration in beautiful Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on November 7-9, 2019.


Nomad City 2019