Nomad City 2019

Gathering together experienced speakers and hundreds of attendees from all over the world, Nomad City unites remote minded individuals and companies in a melting pot of ideas and knowledge about the future of work. See what we got up to last year…

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Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 6th – 8th, November 2020

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The Nomad City 19 Chats- Fabrizia Zanca

We are happy to introduce Fabrizia Zanca to our Nomad City community though a little chat about her remote story.


Fabrizia Zanca is Remote Career Consultant, passionate about helping people achieve their dream of becoming Location Independent. Thanks to her experience as a Remote Job Seeker and Remote Recruiter, she runs her own business that aims to support individuals with finding and landing great Remote Jobs, through online courses, customized services, and 1 on 1 coaching. She will be attending  Nomad City 2019, and holding a workshop about how to strategically search for, and apply to, remote jobs. As always for the Nomad City 19 Chats series, we asked her a few questions, and she answered. 


How did you become involved with Nomad City?

I knew Nomad City from its previous editions, but this year I became involved with the project after connecting with Nacho on LinkedIn. We had a very pleasant chat, and he asked me if I would be interested in holding a speech about searching for Remote Jobs. I was very excited about this opportunity, and said YES right away!


What’s your remote story? 

I have been working in Corporate companies for over 5 years and needed a way out from the typical 9-5 office job. My roots are in Italy, my partner is from The Netherlands and we live in Barcelona with our 3 years old daughter, so I wanted flexibility in my day, and location independence to visit our families and travel. That’s why I decided to become a Remote Contractor. 

I founded and landed my first Remote Job back in 2018. The whole “remote job search process” was pretty quick: in only 22 days I landed my job as a Remote Recruiter at Kraken, one the leading company in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency environment. I became passionate about the Remote Work Revolution and a few months after my first experience as a Remote Worker, I decided to start my business to help others reaching location freedom through a cool remote job. I am now a happy Remote Entrepreneur!


What’s your favorite place to work from?

I live in Barcelona and love to visit new amazing coffee shops with creamy coffee, hipster vibes, and good wifi connection! When I have calls with my clients I obviously prefer my home office.


Can you share with us a failure of yours that later turned out to be a learning moment?

At the beginning of my career, I accepted a job I did not like just for the sake of having “a paid job” (after too many experiences as a non-paid intern). I did not consider it as a failure at that time, but I was also not so happy about that career. However, that job allowed me to grow within the company and I quickly got a job I really loved (Recruitment). That was the start of my career in Talent Acquisition, and maybe I would not be here now without that “bad job” I accepted 6 years ago!

Always consider “the bigger picture” when you feel stuck in something!


What does your workday usually look like? 

7.00 am – wake up (no alarm, just my daughter!)

9.30 am – start working

2.00 pm – lunch break

5.00 pm – finish working

7.00 pm – sport (Workout, Yoga or Karate!)


Do you have any particular practices that help you through periods of work difficulties?

I tend to go through life with a resilient attitude.

I believe in the power of interpretation. We can see difficulties as stressful problems, or just as exciting challenges. When you switch your mentality, you also switch the way and the attitude you work towards your goals. Everything becomes clearer and easier to solve!


Any resources you would recommend to people either starting out on their remote journey or already on their way?

If you are starting your journey and looking for a remote job, I highly recommend you to join the 30-day application challenge program, that will give you all the tools and knowledge to independently land a remote job (skills and motivation assessment, remote job hunt strategies, building an outstanding Resume and Cover Letter, and preparing for the video interviews with Recruiters and Hiring Managers).

If you are already working remotely, “Mastering Managing distributed Teams” from Remote-how is a very good way to learn the art of remote team management.


What is something you wish more people knew about being remote?

I consider time management and accountability as the two most important skills you MUST have. 

In a remote work environment, you don’t have a boss sitting next to you, constantly checking on you and holding your hand. You need to be able to work independently and organize your time. One of the biggest struggles of remote workers (and entrepreneurs) is actually to stop working!

Differently from an office-based job, your laptop (therefore your job) is always with you. You need to be able to set your own working schedule, otherwise you risk to organize your life around your work, which is what people are trying to avoid in the first place when leaving a corporate job.


What do you think people should focus on the most when venturing out to become remote workers or entrepreneurs?

Don’t let the fear and ignorance of others about leaving a “safe” 9-5 office job stop you from taking this path. Remote work is expanding but we are far from considering it “normal”, many people can be reluctant to it: don’t let them scare you!


What’s your favorite perk of remote work?

Personally, I love the fact that I am free to organize my day the way I want and work when I am most productive. 

But the reason why I love the remote work revolution comes from the fact that work opportunities are accessible to everyone (people with disabilities, people living in rural areas or places with limited job offers, etc.)


Where do you see remote work in 20 years? 

I see a bright future for remote work. Probably in 20 years, our children will ask us: “Why did you have to commute to go to work? I don’t get it.”

Jokes aside, remote work is more than a trend, it’s a revolution dictated by many variables. Lack of talents in the areas where companies have their headquarters, a new generation (millennials) who want to travel and are no longer interested in joining 9-5 office-based jobs are just two of the many factors that are changing the job market, forever.


Any last words you would like to share with the Nomad City community?

I can’t wait for the event to start! I am happy to share my knowledge to help the participants landing a Remote job, and learn from great experts how to run a successful online business as an entrepreneur!