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Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 6th – 8th, November 2020

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Nomad City

The Remote Hiring Process Part 1

Chloe Oddleifson of Dribbble spoke at Nomad City last year about hiring remote, and now she tells us more about what remote companies might be looking for when hiring.


Hiring is always going to be something that takes time–but the stakes are especially high when your team is remote. As we’ve grown our remote team at Dribbble from 8 to almost 50, we’ve learned firsthand that the biggest driver of a strong remote company culture is- people. People, their communication and their behaviour, set the tone for our culture. For us, it’s all about hiring people who are intrinsically motivated and already have a passion for their work. We’ve come to describe the ideal remote candidate as:

A strong communicator, both in writing and orally. The importance of this cannot be overstated! The majority of communication among remote teams takes place in Slack, or other instant messaging tools. When you’re remote, it’s imperative that you can articulate complex concepts and subtleties through online tools, and convey ideas and messages clearly and concisely.

Passionate. This sounds like an over-simplification, but really, it’s not! We look for self-motivated, focused, curious, and independent problem solvers. You must have an intrinsic drive to work and take initiative.

Kind, conscientious, and collaborative. We screen especially closely for this combination. These are the characteristics that we’ve identified as necessary for our teammates to have, so we can build teams that are ready to go the extra mile for each other.

Excited about working remotely. Working remotely is not a one-size-fits-all gig. Working remotely successfully requires a great deal of discipline and comfort working well autonomously and productively without constant observation.

Leaves their ego at the door. We look for people who can readily ask for help, admit when they don’t have all the answers, and are above all, humble.


As remote hiring managers, our priorities lie in asking the right questions to assess whether the candidate will thrive not only in the technical elements of the role, but also in your remote environment, and assessing what those skills look like for you. We focus our interviews around assessing: how well will this person hit the ground running in a remote environment if we hire them? Will they raise the standard that we hold ourselves to, or lower it? Will we need to allocate extra resources to bring them up to speed? And of course; what kind of cultural impact will they have if they join us?

The key to a candidate’s success in a remote interview process is using the opportunity to communicate these attributes and skills to hiring managers. Knowing that these are the challenges facing hiring managers; as a candidate, how do you get your application to a remote company to stand out of a stack of hundreds of others? How do you communicate your skills and abilities in a way that demonstrates you’re the right fit for a role? Not only that, but it’s imperative that you use the interview process to do your due diligence, and make sure that the role is the right fit for you.