Mobility in Gran Canaria


Gran Canaria's airport (LPA) is very well connected, flying directly to just over 100 destinations.

The airport is only 25 minutes by road to the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and 20 - 30 minutes to the popular tourist destinations in the south of the island.

From the airport you can take direct buses to either Las Palmas de Gran Canaria for around 3 euros, or to Maspalomas and Puerto Rico in the South for 3 - 6 euros.

Taxi's are also on hand and will cost between 35 - 40 euros to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.


If you would like to bring your car to Gran Canaria you can take a direct ferry from Cadiz or Huelva on the mainland of Spain.

Info about driving licenses - is EU license ok for long term or do you need a Spanish one after X days?


Gran Canaria has a very reliable and affordable bus system.

Small bit of information about the pre-paid ticket system on the yellow buses and the global buses which take contactless.


It's very easy and relatively inexpensive to hire a car in Gran Canaria. You can do this from the airport, most of the towns and villages and from the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.


Gran Canaria does not have an App system like Uber for example, but there are an abundance of Taxi's that are very easy to flag down. Taxi's are extremely affordable compared to other European countries and all taxi's take contactless payment so you can pay by card or your mobile phone.

If you need a taxi in the street, just look for a green light and you'll be sure to find one within a few minutes.


Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is a bikers haven, with many dedicated bike lanes throughout the city.

If you don't own a bike here, you can use the City's Siticleta system. Simply download the Sitycleta app and insert your card details to pay. Just click the bicy number or scan the QR code to start riding.

There are 40 bicy-stations that you can check on the app map. Pay for exactly the time you use it or pay monthly (20 €) or for a whole year membership (40 €).

This is the most modern, comfy and sustainable way to move around the city.