18-24th SEPTEMBER 2017

What is Nomad City 2017?

Nomad City is the premier European event dedicated to Distributed Companies and Remote Workers, and takes place in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Nomad City is a fantastic opportunity to network with other location independent entrepreneurs and remote workers from around the globe, and learn how to optimize and manage your remote company efficiently.

You’ll also have the chance to discover the island of Gran Canaria through many different fun activities.
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Nomad City Agenda

On this edition of NomadCity we want you to build your own experience. Between the 15th and 21st of September you can choose to attend many different lifestyle activities. We recommend to sign up for each activity as soon as possible as groups will be reduced and tickets limited.

Between September 22nd and 24th we will host the workshops , talks and farewell party that will all be included in one  Event Ticket. Event ticket holders will have preference to purchase the lifestyle tickets, and workshops will be first booked first served policy.

  • Surf & Skate day

    Monday, 09:00 - 14:00 5h Organizer: Nomad City
  • Shepherd´s path Hike

    Tuesday, 08:00 - 14:00 6h Organizer: Nomad City
  • Dolphin Watching & Hidden Beach by Boat

    Wednesday, 08:00 - 16:00 8h Organizer: Nomad City
  • Urban Lovers – Discover Nomad City

    Thursday, 09:00 - 14:00 5h Organizer: Nomad City
  • Workshops

    Friday, 15:00 - 21:00 6h Organizer: Nomad City
  • Talks

    Saturday, 15:00 - 21:00 6h Organizer: Nomad City
  • Farewell Party

    Sunday, 18:00 - 23:00 5h Organizer: Nomad City


“Wer zum Arbeiten nur ein Notebook braucht, muss nicht im deutschen Winter hocken. Immer mehr Freiberufler ziehen 25 Grad und Strandnähe vor – etwa auf den Kanaren.”

“Las Palmas de Gran Canaria….is a tolerant city with trade opportunity as shown during the  Nomad City Festival “

“Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is gaining popularity with remote workers for its beaches, amazing weather, high-speed internet and growing digital nomad community”

“Nomad city: convertir a Gran Canaria en referencia nómada. Un evento reunirá en Las Palmas a 150 nómadas digitales”

“Sie haben keine Lust mehr aufs Büro. Ihr Arbeitsplatz ist die Welt – heute Bali, morgen Budapest.”

“La ciudad se convierte en la capital de los nómadas digitales”

Nomad City 2016 Pics





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